Customer Case Studies

Elmasry's story:
"Competitive rates and steady connectivity"

Elmasry Engineering, a Sydney-based structural engineering firm with 15 employees, chose Maxinet as its internet service provider because of our competitive rates and commitment to customer service. The package was well priced and significantly less than those offered by the major telcos.

Maxinet supplied and configured their router to a new service with limited downtime so their business wasn't interrupted during the process. The response was prompt and personal. After establishing the service, our team spent just two hours on site to set up email accounts on staff members' individual computers.

"Since signing up with Maxinet, we've had no problems or down-time. Maxinet has offered a better service and connections, and have done an excellent job," said Managing Director, Michael Elmasry.

SAE Institute's Story:
"Fast, effective response to an unusual dilemma"

SAE Institute is an international education provider with a focus on training in creative media. The company operates some 56 branches worldwide. Their Australian operations comprise 150 staff in five major cities, with a turnover of $5M to $10M.

Maxinet has been engaged for several years to host SAE's specialist DNS servers on its IP range at the Brisbane campus, which Telstra was not able to host. In April 2012, they had to re-route the servers and relocate a fixed wireless internet service on very short notice when the Institute moved to other premises. This was a highly technical install of a premium service and was done efficiently.

"Our other provider couldn't do the work in the time we needed, but Maxinet came out within 48 hours. They kept our company running with no down time while we moved," says Systems Administrator Jemma McCleery, allowing close to 50 staff to continue their work uninterrupted. "Maxinet offers fast turnaround and is always very professional and is there to support us around the clock."