Terms & Conditions

Service Level Agreement

 Response and Restoration Targets

 ‘Response Time’ is the elapsed time during standard service hours, between you reporting a fault to Maxinet and Maxinet providing the following details to you:

-          Fault classification

-          Initial diagnosis; and

-          An estimated time to restore (if known)


‘Restoration Time’ is the time taken from when Maxinet receives a Fault Call from the Client, to the time the service is restored.

‘Fault Classification’ The severity of faults are classified by the carrier and advised to you within an hour of logging the fault.

All faults are classified by severity as follows:

Interrupted faults – service is completely non-operational

Non-Interrupted faults – services is degraded but still operational.


Target Times

Applicable Services

Response Time

Interrupted faults – 90 mins within applicable coverage window

Non-Interrupted faults – 5 hours within applicable coverage window

Premium & Business Broadband

Progress Updates

Interrupted faults – Hourly

Non-Interrupted faults – on a significant event basis, or as otherwise agreed.

Premium & Business Broadband

Restoration Time

See Table 2 - below



Restoration Times

Fault Classification

Ethernet Access

Premium Access

Standard Access (DSL /NBN based)

Interrupted Faults


Next Business Day

Next Business Day

Next Business Day


2nd Business Day

2nd Business Day

2nd Business Day



3rd Business Day

3rd Business Day

Non-Interrupted Faults


3rd Business Day

4th Business Day

4th Business Day


 ‘Coverage Window’ refers to the hours of operation for service response and restoration activity.

Type of Service

Hours of Operation (EST)

Applicable Services

Standard Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

All Services

Extended Support**

24 hours per day, 7 days per week

All Services covered by an Extended Support Contract

* Note: Excludes National and NSW Public Holidays
** Note: 24x7 service is available on all services at additional cost.

Planned Service Outages

Maxinet will use best efforts to provide 5 working days notification of any scheduled or planned service outage (“Planned Service Outages”) to affected Clients. Where practicable, Planned Service Outages will occur between 12am and 6 am, Eastern Standard Time.

In circumstances where an emergency service interruption is required, Maxinet reserves the right to undertake the service interruption without notice. In such cases Maxinet will use its best efforts to notify the Client prior to any service interruption. Notification via e-mail may be used in case of an emergency service interruption.

 Service Availability

Service Availability’ is defined as the percentage of time each service is available to the Client during the course of a year. The service availability is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

 Service Availability for the period = Total Hours for the period less Unavailable Hours x100

Total Hours for the period

 Unavailable Hours’ is the total number of hours that the service is unavailable due to issues with the Maxinet network except for planned outages. The Maxinet Network includes supply of Internet bandwidth when supplied by Maxinet to the Client and the router on the premises of the client where that router is under a field service replacement agreement with Maxinet.

 The Maxinet fault ticketing system will be the basis for determining times for Service Availability. Fault tickets issued on Client request.

Service Attribute

Premium Access

Standard Access





Fee Rebates Due to Service Unavailability

Subject to the rebate conditions and exemptions listed below, and in the event of Maxinet failing to meet the Service Restoration Targets for an Interrupted Fault, you will be entitled to claim a rebate in accordance with the rates set out below.

Number of Hours in excess of the Service Restoration Target

Service Restoration Rebate

2 – 4 hrs (inclusive)

5% of the total monthly recurring Charges for the eligible Service at that Access Site.

> 4 and 6 hrs

10% of the total monthly recurring Charges for the eligible Service at that Access Site.

> 6 and 12 hrs

15% of the total monthly recurring Charges for the eligible Service at that Access Site.

> 12 hrs

20% of the total monthly recurring Charges for the eligible Service at that Access Site.


Service Activation Lead Times

Service Activation Lead Time’ is the number of working days between the issue of an Order Confirmation and Service Completion Advice to the client. Service Activation Lead Times only apply to correctly completed Client Service Order Forms. The Service Activation Lead Times are subject to confirmation of line availability and do not apply where a Service Completion Advice cannot be issued.

Installation Delay

Installation Rebate

Up to 5 Business Days delay

Half of the Monthly Recurring Charges for the first month for the delayed IP-Line Service and accompanying Access.

6 to 10 Business Days

The total Monthly Recurring Charges for the first month for the delayed IP-Line Service and accompanying Access.

11 to 20 Business Days delay

The total Monthly Recurring Charges for the first one and a half months for the delayed IP-Line Service and accompanying Access.

Greater than 20 Business Days delay

The total Monthly Recurring Charges for the first two months for the delayed IP-Line Service and accompanying Access.


Rebate claims should be submitted to Maxinet by the Client within 14 days of the end of the month.

The rebate will be provided in the form of a credit applied to the client’s next monthly bill.

Rebate Conditions

a)       The following conditions apply to Installation Rebates:

i)                     In the case where Maxinet agrees to a customer request for an installation date (the Customer Required Date) that is later than the date of the installation lead-time target, the installation delay is measured from the Customer Required Date.

ii)                   The maximum Installation Rebate payable for an IP-Line with less than a twenty-four month contract term is capped at the total monthly Charges for the first month of the delayed IP-Line Service, and accompanying Access.

iii)                  The maximum Installation Rebate payable for an IP-Line Service where third-party infrastructure is used is capped at the total monthly Charges for the first month for the delayed IP-Line Service, and accompanying third-party Access.

b)       The following general conditions apply to Rebates:

i)                     Rebates apply from the first full calendar month that the eligible Service is operational;

ii)                   Where the rebate is available, the rebate is the only remedy in the event of any failure to meet the defined target (where the rebate is not available, no remedy is available);

iii)                  You must apply for the rebate by contacting the Maxinet Accounts Team (accounts@maxi.net.au) and following the prescribed process for obtaining rebates within 14 calendar days of the end of the month to which the rebate applies;

iv)                  The rebate is only to be applied by way of a credit, and cannot be redeemed for cash;

v)                   The maximum rebate available for each eligible Service in any month will not exceed 100% of the total monthly Charges for that eligible Service; and

vi)                     Rebates will not apply where one or more of the Rebate Exemptions (outlined below) apply.

Rebate Exemptions

a)       You will not be entitled to an Installation Rebate where one or more of the following applies:

i)                     The delay was directly or indirectly caused by you; or

ii)                   The delay was directly or indirectly caused by a Force Majeure Event; or

iii)                  You request that the Service Start Date is at a date later than the Installation Lead Times; or

iv)                  You have not paid Installation charges.

b)       You will not be entitled to a Service Restoration Rebate where one or more of the following applies:

i)                     The Interrupted Fault is directly or indirectly caused by a Planned Outage;

ii)                   Disruption or delay in restoring the Service is caused or contributed to by you;

iii)                  Your credit account falls outside the standard payment terms or in instances where the client failed to follow Maxinet support processes and guidelines.

iv)                  The interrupted Fault was directly or indirectly caused by a power interruption at your Site;

v)                   The Interrupted Fault is directly or indirectly caused by a Third Party; or

vi)                  The Interrupted Fault is directly or indirectly caused by a Force Majeure Event.


Chargeable Activities

Miscellaneous Service Charges apply on a per instance basis

Fault Logging Procedure

Contact Maxinet Helpdesk on 1800 88 14 03. This number will be answered during office hours and a support engineer will be available. Fault logging can also be made via Email: support@maxi.net.au


Standard Support Contract Clients with no extended support contract number.

• Support may be provided 24x7 and our Miscellaneous Services Charges will apply.

• Extended Support Contract clients with a contract number.

• Support is always available. Outside of Business Hours you will be asked for a Customer Support Contract Number. Without the contract number, calls may not be forwarded to the on-duty engineer(s) and Miscellaneous Service Charges will apply.


In either case please make sure you have the following information available where applicable:

1. 24x7 Support Contract Number

2. Type of Service (e.g. ADSL/Hosting/Backup…)

3. FNN or IP address

4. Address of Service

5. Contact Name and Number (for engineer to call back) Support contact details:


Maxi Internet Services Pty Ltd PO Box 15, Belrose West, NSW 2085.

Tel: 1800 88 14 03 Email: support@maxi.net.au

ABN 17 083 224 917


Terms & Conditions

 Maxi Internet Services Pty Ltd (Maxinet) allows you to use our services on the following terms and conditions. You must read these terms and conditions prior to using any of our services. By using any of our services, you will have acknowledged that you have read, and agree to be bound by, and to comply with these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with any specific Terms and Conditions that have been provided in any offer or proposal, where applicable. Note, some of the sections below relate to specific products, and as such, only apply to those products.



1.1.   This agreement will start when Maxinet receives your order, and it may only end in accordance with clause 7 (Termination of Agreement) below. Contract terms will commence from the date the particular service is provisioned.



2.1.   Maxinet will provide the service, which will include all access details, login codes and passwords, and / or any other information that may be required to access the service. In some cases, a product Service Level Assurance (SLA) will apply, and this will be stipulated at the time of subscription. Where no such SLA is issued, the service supplied will be supplied on a best effort basis.



3.1.   The rates Maxinet charges for any service may change as circumstances require. Where a contract for supply of service exists with an agreed minimum term, Maxinet will not vary the rate for that service for the duration of the minimum term.



4.1.   Unless otherwise agreed, we will invoice for recurring charges on a monthly basis in advance and usage charges on a monthly basis in arrears.

4.2.   Maxinet will comply with any and all taxation requirements that may apply to these services.

4.3.   Maxinet invoices are strictly payable 7 days from the date of issue. Variations may be provided by negotiation, at our absolute discretion.

4.4.   Credit card customers agree to have their cards automatically debited at the start of each monthly period for monthly fees and at the end of each month for any excess usage fees for the period. Should Maxinet be unable to debit this card, Maxinet reserves the right to immediately withdraw the service without notice. A Merchant Surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions.

4.5.   In the event that your credit card is declined, for whatever reason, an $11.00 (inc GST) administrative fee may be charged, per instance, at our absolute discretion, to cover additional administrative costs incurred. This charge will not be levied if you take reasonable measures to ensure Maxinet is properly notified of any matter that may cause your credit card to be declined, prior to processing of the transaction.

4.6.   If, in any circumstances Maxinet suspends services, a reconnection fee will apply of $110 (inc GST) for Business and $22 (inc GST) for Non-Business accounts.

4.7.   Maxinet may impose a $38.50 (inc GST) Late Payment Fee on any invoice that is not paid on time.

4.8.   You will be liable to pay Maxinet all expenses (including legal costs and expenses and the fees of Maxinet's debt recovery agents) incurred by Maxinet in relation to recovering payments due under any contract or agreement you have with us.

4.9.   If, for any reason, a Contract is terminated during the minimum term, the customer must pay to Maxinet, by way of liquidated damages, the fee referred to in clause 7.6, which the parties acknowledge is a genuine pre-estimate of the losses which Maxinet will suffer as a result of early termination of that contract. This clause does not otherwise limit the customer's liability to Maxinet upon termination.

4.10. On termination, for any reason, of any contract or agreement you have with us, all fees and charges (including the fees referred to in clauses 4.8 and 4.9) payable under the contract shall become immediately due and payable. 

4.11. Processing and verification procedures (including delays in receipt of billing information) may mean that not all charges for the period covered by an invoice can be included on that invoice. Maxinet reserves the right to include those charges in any subsequent invoices.



5.1.   You acknowledge that Maxinet shall not be liable for damage or injury caused by the use of any services or arising out of any breach of any term, undertaking, warranty or representation relating to any services under this agreement or provided by Maxinet, any of its employees, contractors or agents at any time where, including any indirect, special or consequential damage, whether foreseeable or not, and whether such loss or damage derives from an act of omission which is negligent.

5.2.   Except as expressly provided under these Terms and Conditions or in the operations of law, no warranty, condition, undertaking or term, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the goods or services comprising the services provided hereunder is given or assumed and all such warranties, conditions, undertakings and terms are thereby excluded. To the extent permitted by law, any rebate provided under a Maxinet SLA will be your sole remedy in respect of any event giving rise to our failure to achieve any Service Level and we exclude any other liability to you in connection with this Agreement in respect of our failure to achieve any Service Levels, whether in contract, negligence or any other tort, under any statute or otherwise.

5.3.   In the event that a warranty, condition, undertaking or term is necessarily implied by the Trade Practices Act and cannot be excluded then the liability of Maxinet in breach of that warranty, condition, undertaking or term is limited to the cost of replacing the service.

5.4.   You acknowledge that Maxinet shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential or other damages arising from or as a result of any delay, omission or error in the use of the services.

5.5.   You agree that you will not use the services in any such manner that contravenes any law or regulation, is malicious, or is contrary to generally accepted service usage principles.



6.1.   As a user of the services, you have the benefit of warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act, including that the services will be fit for their particular purpose and correspond with Maxinet's description of them.



7.1.   Maxinet may immediately, without notice to you, suspend or terminate any service or contract if you fail to pay your account on or by the due date together with any other costs and disbursements payable by you as referred to in Clause 4 above.

7.2.   Maxinet may immediately, without notice to you, suspend or terminate any service or contract should you, in our opinion, engage in any activity referred to in Clause 5.5 or if we reasonably suspect fraud or misuse of the Service on your part.

7.3.   Maxinet may immediately, without notice to you, suspend or terminate any service or contract if a receiver or administrator or provisional administrator or similar is appointed to you, or if we have any reason to believe you will be unable to pay for the services.

7.4.   Maxinet may suspend, limit or cancel a service if we consider there to be excessive or unusual usage of that service.

7.5.   You may terminate a service by giving Maxinet thirty days written notice of your intention to cancel. This clause does not apply if a fixed term contract is in place for the service, except as provided for in clause 7.6.

7.6.   Should termination occur prior to expiration of any minimum term, the sum of remaining monthly charges times the remaining months, plus any other outstanding amounts will become immediately due and payable.



8.1.   (Excludes Premium Business DSL) Maxinet provides a range of Home / Small Office DSL services. The following conditions specifically apply to these services. These conditions should be read in conjunction with any service specific conditions that may be issued in relation to a particular service. Such conditions may be contained in any service order form or proposal for the service.

8.2.   Uploads (the data you send) are free unless you spend more than 2.75 times the amount of data you receive (i.e. Downloads). If this occurs, you will be charged for the rate of 11c (including GST) per Mb for each Mb in excess of the allowance.

8.3.   These services are delivered, at least in part over third parties' Networks and or infrastructure. The specified service speeds are indicative only, and depend on other external factors, and so Maxinet does not warrant that the maximum speeds will be achieved.

8.4.   When a fault is determined to be a fault in the ADSL Network, Maxinet will use best efforts to rectify the fault as soon as reasonably possible. However, no assurances are provided in relation to such response and or restoration times.



9.1.   (Section 18(E)(1) Privacy Act 1988) Notice of disclosure of your credit information to a credit reporting agency. (Privacy Act 1988)

(a)      You authorise Maxinet to collect, use and disclose Personal Information about you for the primary purpose of the supply or proposed supply to you of any Service. If you do not provide all the Personal Information, we request from you, we may be unable to supply the Service to you or we may be restricted in the way we supply that Service to you.

(b)     You also authorise us to collect, use and disclose Personal Information about you for related (or secondary) purposes including

(c)    Assessing creditworthiness;

(d)    All purposes associated with the provision of telecommunications services to you, including billing and account management;

(e)    To provide you with information about products and services which we, or any of our partners or  affiliates, may provide to you

(f)     Implementing this Agreement;

(g)    To allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing Information about you.

(h)    To notify other credit providers of a default by you.

(i)     Business planning and product development; and

(j)     Complying with legal requirements.

9.2.   You authorise us to disclose Personal Information about you to:

9.3.   Any Other Supplier who need access to the Personal Information to provide us with goods or services, enabling us to supply you with the Service (including the investigation and resolution of disputes or complaints concerning the provision of the Service); or

9.4.   Any Related Body Corporate of ours, or any of our partners or affiliates.

9.5.   You acknowledge that in certain circumstances, we may be permitted or required by applicable laws to use or disclose Personal Information about you. Such uses or disclosures may include:

9.6.   Disclosures to law enforcement agencies for purposes relating to the enforcement of criminal and other laws;

9.7.   Uses or disclosures in accordance with court orders or if required or authorised by law;

9.8.   Disclosing information to a Credit Reporting Agency.

9.9.   Uses or disclosures to lessen or prevent serious threats to an individual' s life, health or safety or to public health or safety; or

9.10. Uses to assist in internal investigations conducted by us into suspected fraud, misuse of the Service or other unlawful activities.

9.11. We will provide you with access to any of your Personal Information held by us, at your request. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for this service. We agree to correct or amend any of your Personal Information held by us which is inaccurate or out of date, at your written request.

9.12. We will handle your Personal Information in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and industry standards.

9.13. Subject to compliance with this clause, we may, at any time at our absolute discretion

9.14. Intercept the Service or the data being transmitted over the Service, for the purpose of complying with our obligations at law; and

9.15. Monitor use of the Service.



10.1.   Delivery of some services requires specific hardware, which Maxinet will provide. Such equipment includes but is not limited to, network termination units, switches, wireless equipment, mounting brackets and masts.

10.2.   Except as expressly provided:

10.3.   The Equipment always remains our property (or where relevant the lessor or licensors of the Equipment to us);

10.4.   You will ensure that you have all necessary consents and approvals (including landlord approval where applicable) necessary for us to deliver, install and maintain the Equipment at the Site;

10.5.   You will not part with possession of the Equipment except to us and will comply with all our reasonable directions relating to our rights of ownership of the Equipment;

10.6.   You will provide a suitable physical environment at Your Premises for the storage and operation of the Equipment including supplying an adequate power supply for the operation of the Equipment;

10.7.   You must ensure that the Equipment will not be altered, repaired, serviced, moved or disconnected except by personnel approved by us;

10.8.   You must take good care of the Equipment while it is in your possession or control and must notify us immediately if you become aware of any damage to or malfunction of the Equipment;

10.9.   You will be liable to us, and we will charge you for all loss of, or damage to, the Equipment while at Your Premises or whilst in your possession or control, irrespective of how such loss or damage occurred, apart from fair wear and tear; and

10.10. You will only use the Equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications or our written directions.

10.11. Upon termination of the service you will return all Maxinet equipment to Maxinet, at your cost within 7 days.

10.12. Should the Maxinet equipment not be returned complete and in good working order, Maxinet will charge you $1500 (ex GST) to cover the cost of replacement.

10.13. We may at any time change, modify, replace or service the Equipment provided that performance of the Service is not materially adversely affected.



11.1.   Usage is calculated as bi-directional. Unused data allowance expires at the end of each month.

11.2.   Service will be suspended if 6Gb is reached in any one month, or 7Gb in the case of the 6Gb plan.


12. VOICE SERVICES – General

12.1.   You will be responsible for all service charges and for all calls made from your phone using the service, whether those calls were made by you or someone else

12.2.   Maxinet may, at any time at our absolute discretion require you to pay a deposit as security for payment of charges.

12.3.   The service is not available from all telephone lines, and it may not possible to use the service to make all types of telephone calls.

12.4.   Detailed billing data for all voice services is available through our online portal. Access available upon request.

12.5.   Maxinet does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or fault free.

13. ISDN

13.1   The Usage Based Charge for ISDN is based on usage volume for either outgoing calls only or a combination of outgoing and incoming calls. For the avoidance of doubt, use of ISDN for incoming calls only, or where the combination of outgoing and incoming calls exceeds a ratio of 10 incoming calls for every 1 outgoing  call, will be deemed misuse of ISDN and may result in termination of the service.

13.2   The Usage Based Charge for ISDN local calls is based on a maximum call duration of 45 minutes. For the avoidance of doubt, use of ISDN for local calls exceeding 45 minutes in duration will be deemed misuse of ISDN and may result in termination of the service.



14.1.   Maxinet's Reach Services are 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

14.2.   You must specify on the Application for Service if the Service is to be used regularly as a High Calling service.

14.3.   If the Service is not nominated as a High Calling service but you anticipate an event that will or may cause your usage of the Service to exceed the High Calling threshold, you must, as soon as possible, give to Maxinet prior written notice of such event Note: High Calling means calls generated on the Maxinet Reach Service at a rate of not less than 1 call per second for a duration of not less than 1 minute.



15.1.   If you use the Service by means of preselection, you may only use the Service as a bundled or combined service comprising of the following call types:

                  (a) Long distance;

(b) Fixed to mobile, specifically GSM and CDMA mobiles and excluding satellite mobiles;

(c) Preselectable operator services;

(d) Local calls in selected areas and by prior agreement between the parties.



16.1.   You authorise us to act as the Customer Authority (CA) to enable us to purchase Unbundled Local Loop (ULL) or multiples of such and to disclose such authority to Other Carriers in response to a request.

16.2.   You acknowledge that each service will be subject to a service qualification process and hence post application form signature Maxinet reserves the right to non delivery if service qualification process shows possibility of failure on delivery.

16.3.   You acknowledge that equipment to be connected to the Maxinet voice exchange lines must be ACA approved for PSTN connection.

16.4.   You acknowledge that the following operating conditions are not supported by Maxinet Business Line and may affect Maxinet Business Line service levels

(a)      Ring detection in Customer Equipment where the total Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) on a line is greater than 2.5.

        (b) End to end signaling via line conductors, Cailho or phantom circuits.

        (c) Data modems and facsimile Customer Equipment working at data signaling rates greater than 2400 bit/s.

        (d) Data modems and facsimile Customer Equipment not conforming to ITU-T Recommendations V.17, V.29, V.34 or V.90.

        (e) Two (2) or more telephones or equivalent apparatus in the off hook condition at the same time.

16.5.   Cancellation Fee: You may cancel your Business Line Service at any time prior to the Service Delivery Date  by:

(a) Notifying us in writing; and

(b) Paying to us a cancellation fee in the amount of $495.00 (inc. GST).

16.6.   You agree that you will make reasonable use of the Business Line Service. For the avoidance of doubt, it is unreasonable use of the Business Line Service if on average 95% of local calls made have a duration of 60 minutes or more on any Business Line. Such unreasonable use of the Business Line Service will be considered misuse and may result in termination of the service.



17.1.   Local number portability enables customers to transfer existing service numbers from other Suppliers to Maxinet, in some cases. Maxinet support and can facilitate porting your existing numbers to Maxinet, providing such porting is in compliance with the National Numbering Plan. Alternatively, Maxinet may allocate new numbers for customer use if required.

17.2.   You acknowledge and agree that if you apply to port geographic service numbers from another Supplier's service to the Maxinet, Maxinet does not warrant such a port or that numbers can be successfully ported to Maxinet or vice versa.

17.3.   You acknowledge that you have no right, title or interest in any number allocated to you as part of the voice services. We will comply with the National Numbering Plan and reserve the right to alter or replace     any number as a result of compliance with the National Numbering Plan or with any direction from the ACA. We will notify you of any numbering change, which will affect you.



18.1.   If in providing voice Services we need to change your arrangements with your Current Supplier, you consent to the following procedures:

18.2.   You authorise us to advise your Current Supplier that the voice Services are to be provided by us in place of your Current Supplier and to sign on your behalf and in your name forms of authority to your Current

18.3.   Supplier to transfer the provision of the voice Services to us;

18.4.   If we request, you will give written instructions to your Current Supplier to transfer the voice services from your name into our name;

18.5.   You will immediately pay to your Current Supplier all amounts owing for the Transferred Services including alteration of charges which your Current Supplier may demand up to the time of transfer of those accounts;



If you do not bar CLI in respect of calls made from the voice services, when a call is made from the voice services, your telephone number may be sent automatically to the equipment of the called party. You further agree that if a party calling the voice services has not barred CLI from calls made from its equipment, the telephone number of the calling party may be displayed on the screen of your handset which receives the call, if the handset is technically capable of displaying CLI.



20.1.   You must assist us to ensure that any Maxinet Equipment necessary for you to receive voice Services and access the Maxinet network is installed and programmed so that calls to destinations nominated by us from time to time are, so far as possible, carried by the Maxinet switched services network.

20.2.   You authorise us or will ensure authorisation for us or our agents to disconnect, install or make amendments to any autodiallers, keysystems or PABX programming at your Premises or the premises of your end users in order for us to provide the voice services.



21.1.   By signing this agreement, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

21.2.   Maxinet may, at its discretion, provide the Service by using either:

(a) An existing or new Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS); or

                (b) An existing or new access line which supplies a standard Internet, telephone service, SIP or ISDN, depending on the technical and operational requirements of the particular Service.



22.1.   If you are sold or supplied with a CPE Router by Maxinet, you acknowledge and agree that;

22.2.   The sale or lease (as applicable) of the CPE Router is on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

22.3.   We will arrange for the CPE Router to be delivered, installed and configured at the premises specified in the Service Application Form.


22.4.   In relation to the Maxinet 501R or 531R CPE Routers (and any subsequent releases or versions of these CPE Routers) sold or supplied by Maxinet you are granted a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license to use the software installed on the CPE Router for the sole purpose of receiving the Service.

22.5.   If you purchase the CPE Router from Maxinet then:

(a)    The charges for the CPE Router will be included as part of the fees applicable to the Service and will be subject to the payment terms that apply to you;
Title in the CPE Router remains with us until we have been paid in full the charges for the CPE Router;

(c)    Risk in the CPE Router passes to you upon delivery at your premises; and

(d)    If the CPE Router is no longer able to be used, is not operating or is lost, destroyed or damaged while on your premises, you will notify Maxinet.

22.6.   You will ensure that the CPE Router is operated and housed in an environment which meets the manufacturer's requirements and will not affix the CPE Router to any real property.

22.7.   You will use the CPE Router for ordinary business purposes only. You will not use the CPE Router for any illegal or unlawful purpose which may result in its confiscation or seizure or to supply the Service or similar services to third parties.