VoIP / SIP Trunks

Maxinet's VoIP / SIP service for small to medium businesses can be delivered as a stand-alone product, or bundled with an internet connection to deliver significant discounts. Maxinet can supply hardware as required.

Significant Savings

Our VoIP / SIP call charges are calculated based on your actual call times. Unlike many providers, we do not bill by the minute - our call charges are calculated by the second and we don't round up figures. You only pay for what you actually use.

This might be a small saving on each individual call but the cumulative savings over a year will make a significant difference to your costs.

Business SIP / VoIP

Our standard SIP / VoIP service that delivers your voice service over the top of an existing internet service.

Premium SIP / VoIP

A Premium SIP / VoIP service that gives you a dedicated access link for your voice service.

SIP / VoIP Key Benefits

  • Actual per second call rates (no rounding up)
  • Dedicated support and proactive monitoring
  • Local number portability for existing phone numbers
  • Flexible call routing & redirections
  • Very competitive rates

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